Perish Ruby was formed in holland by bassist/vocalist Brent spicer. Now living back in canada Perish Ruby is made up of the following members Brent Spicer (Bass/Vocals) Joe Scott (guitars) Ivan Weijdt (drums). Ivan is from Holland and currently staying in Canada to help promote PR's debut alblum "I see the truth".

The alblum features: Meltdown, Standing in your shadow, Mary Magdalene and I remember.The band is currently in Barrie Ont. Canada and doing gigs in the area.


Pixies, Radio Head, Bush, Nirvana, Bahaus, DM, Smashing Pumpkins,


Perish Ruby was formed circa 2003 in Holland by bassist and lead vocalist Brent Spicer. Recently home from the Netherlands, Brent has reformed Perish Ruby with Canadian musicians - with the exception of drummer Ivan Weijdt who has relocated with Brent to continue their musical vision. The release of their debut album "I See The Truth" has been making waves since its release in July of 2004. After gaining notoreity on Dutch radio and internet stations, Brent and Ivan decided it was time to put their unique brand of alternative rock in front of Canadian music fans.

'I See The Truth's' first single, 'Standing in Your Shadow', recently reached number 5 on Broadjam's regional top 10 list for Ontario and has hit number 10 for Eastern Canada.
Marrying powerful rock and beautiful melodies, Perish Ruby is exploding onto the Canadian indie rock scene - and things may never be quite the same. Perish Ruby creates raw, edgy, melodic and powerful soundscapes - and
have been compare to Bush, Radiohead, Nirvana and the Smashing Pumpkins.

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