Mary Magdalene

Song Description

its about someone who finds themself closer to God through Mary Magdalene

Song Length 3:37 Genre Rock - Alternative
Lead Vocal Male Vocal Mood Cross, Enraged
Similar Artists Nirvana Language English


broken piece of me lay at my feet been down before i dont remeber being born and ive seen some things and sometimes i cry i look around it hides beneathe my eyes (chorus) my mary magdalene if i'd seen what you'd seen my mary magdalene if i'd been what you'd been i'd follow you
god grace my faith dont put it over on a plate i haven't seen a sign in a while silence is my violence silence is the reason why i am not one cause me and god dont see eye to eye(chorus)
(bridge) i wanna die to be with you and only you my mary...mary why wont you save me..
(chorus out)

Lyrics Brent Spicer Music Brent Spicer
Producer Brent Spicer
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