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Recently, SPIN and music community website Sonicbids teamed up to bring worthy new bands the attention they deserve. Tonight at midnight (EST), Boston radio station WFNX will broadcast the seventh installment of the SPIN/Sonicbids Emerging Artists' Showcase, featuring seven cool unsigned bands from around the world, hand-picked by staffers from more than 500 submissions. (Tune in to 101.7 FM in the Boston area or listen live online via Scroll down to meet these up-and-comers, snag a song from each, and click their website links to find out more!

Recommended if you like: The Horrors, The Rakes
Why we picked them: Gritty U.K. punk snarl with some added sexual swagger.

Miami New Times Magazine

miami new times review PFV
Category: Music

Local Band to Watch: People From Venus, at Tobacco Road April 30

By Arielle Castillo in Concert Preview

Thursday, Apr. 23 2009 @ 2:12PM

People From Venus may be one of the most aptly named bands on the local circuit -- it can seem, at certain musical moments, as though the band has beamed in from another planet. Take those weird eerie beeps and bloops at the beginning of "Lipstick," the band's should - be - a - hit song. Is that the mothership, calling frontman Paul Isaac back to wherever his otherworldly voice came from? In his high -- but never piercing -- croon, the thirsty Anglophile will find strong opening notes of Robert Smith, with a hint of Thom Yorke flavor.

And when the band rocks, it really rocks. While the aliens describe themselves on their MySpace page as a "pop electro punk band," what really comes through is a serious flavor of early glam, back when androgynous rocking Brits were equally space - obsessed. Think, perhaps, of 1972-era David Bowie taking a pause, occasionally, to tinker with a computer. Heady praise that is, true, but the band's songwriting polish promises great potential. And we're not the only ones to think so: Spin recently named People From Venus in its occasional web series, "Seven Undiscovered Bands Worth a Listen."

The band plays Tobacco Road on Thursday, April 30. After the jump, get full show details and watch a video of the band performing live at the Ultra Music Festival this past March.

PFV instore

People From Venus LIVE at Sweat Records

Vique M.

The electro, indie, pop band, People From Venus are landing in Miami on Thursday, March 18th for a special up, close, and personal, LIVE in store performance at Sweat Records. This group has been climbing the ranks in the indie music scene with hits "Kite", "Light War", "Lipstick", and more. In 2009 they were named one of the best undiscovered bands by Spin Magazine.

It's been a rollercoaster ride for them as they have exploded with popularity and to show how appreciative they are to the fans, they're making an intergalactic trip to Miami. They'll be celebrating the release of their debut album TOOT TOOT YEAH; which dropped on March 3rd, 2010, with an intimate performance that will feature tracks from the album for all their loyal fans.

If your not familiar with this group or their music, then let me clue you in. Their sound has been described as gritty UK Punk with a snarl with some added sexual swagger. Thier current single "Lipstick" has been heating up the airwaves all through the UK; it's become a favorite amongst glam-rockers, trendsetters, and hipsters; see for yourself why these guys have made become such an international hit while getting to know them in a more personal setting. Whether you a loyal fan, or just an avid music enthusiast this is one group to keep your eye on, check them out on Thursday at Sweat Records. The show starts at 8pm, see you there!

Miami Herald

Band of the Hour: People From Venus

By Rayme Samuels

While they want to keep the story behind their new name a secret for now, it's quite obvious that band mates Paul Isaac (vocals/guitar/synthesizer), Gerson Lima (guitars/synthesizer), Ari Eisenstein (bass/keyboards) and Ben Belin (drums) are onto something special once again.

After a break from the stage after leaving Atlantic, it wasn't long before all members of the group returned to Miami Beach and put together new songs. Creating music for them is all about teamwork and they admit that once a song begins to take shape, they let it tell them where it wants to go. Their first hit "Lipstick," an urgent punk explosion with an almost extraterrestrial quality, got them noticed by SPIN Magazine who voted People from Venus one of seven "Undiscovered Bands Worth a Listen."

Regulars at White Room and Ray Milian's cutting edge Off The Radar parties, these guys are truly excited about the future of the Miami scene. "I think the people here are exciting and open. I love this punky pop thing that's developed. You can hear it in our band's sound- that's for sure," said Isaac.

After recently wrapping production on their new video for "Lipstick," the band will enjoy its premiere on the SPIN magazine website. And just for kicks, these guys plan to tour in Europe for the summer months. As Isaac puts it best, "the future is wild."

The New Times reviews PFV new tr

"Static" Demo by People From Venus
By Arielle Castillo

Wednesday, Jun. 17 2009 @ 12:30PM

People From Venus is one of the most under - the - radar quality local acts, but that should change soon with the late-summer release of the band's debut album. I waxed ecstatically about them not too long ago on this blog, but suffice it to say their songwriting boasts an Anglophilic pop polish not often seen around these parts. Frontman Paul Isaac has a versatile instrument in that throat of his, and the band's forays into production wizardry updates the old spaced-out vibe of early Seventies British glam.

The band's been hitting the studio late night lately to finish up its sessions, and the tracks will be sent to New York for a mix-down in July.

In the meantime, since Isaac is a sharing sort of fella, he's passed along this demo version of the band's song "Static." It's a slower one -- maybe almost a ballad, with lyrics like "Are you alone in your bed?" But with the crush of twiddled knobs and pushed buttons, the band's still managed to make the song sound like a transmission from outer space.

PFV behind the scenes

it started with a spark the kind you cant became something between us in the band
like a green glowing heart.
friendships transform and me im the most selfish one here i am starting to believe but i dont mean to be. it truly comes from love .
The songs on the new PFV record is more like an audio book then individual songs. We are using alot of first take vocals and guitars cuz we wanted to keep the magic that's sometimes captured in first time you record a new song.
so here i go talking in circles around and spinning out.
Gerson ,Ari,and Ben are what makes the songs sound the way they sound .i only have been a broken receiver that sometimes seems to work ok.

Brett Thorngren ( is mixing the PFV Record now in new york. In the big apple.Take a bite. We have been through so much with brett . We used to be in a band together
once in what seems to be this dream landscape now but it was beautiful.Our relationship has grown to a place where we can start again and continue on different levels then the place we left off.
He is currently mixing "Kite","static",and" lipstick" it just today the energy started to flow between us and the songs and his mix and interpretation of PFV. He will mix the whole record within the next 4 weeks.
in the midst's of this
Gerson has cut his finger. we are all living on fumes . selling stuff to pay the rent.the record is not far off from being done 4 weeks maybe so its ok .. its all ok as long as we finish the record
as long as my friendship with everyone involved here with pfV including Marta rawvolta artwork,
mark swartz and david cohen from musicmarkit,steven stanemirovic, victor eisenstein look theres alot of you arielle too lusi white room lolo from the vag, pamela wasabi.. just getting sentimental here.
its ok im not afraid and jenni too and claudia and jenny from ny veronica, chantel ,nikki,fred friedman dungeon recording studios,wvum, hanna,stacy, i mean its really been somekind of movie that we all have been in , ray millian, joshy josh too, sebastian puga,off the radar
ok im stopping because well its not what i started out to do here in this little letter
this was just supposed to let you know what we are going thru while making this record

we have 2 shows this month this friday and next friday
hope to see you there



People From Venus Bio

People From Venus are a pop electro punk band exploding onto the scene like black eyeliner and hot plastic.The new record shows a more childlike playfulness.Urging life moments to hold on too.The band seems aggressive and vulnerable with lots of our generations consciousness to boot. People From Venus is currently doing underground shows with Andy Warhol style post Modernism in Miami beach.Their current single "Lipstick" has been embraced by hipsters and trend setters all around the world. "The best kept secret in Miami beach" wire magazine 2008."Come if you can get in, and lets cause some trouble" PFV.

playback stl review

People From Venus

With a voice that recalls the fragility of the Cure's Robert Smith, Paul Isaac fronts the new South Beach quartet PFV. And in an industry in which sameness is celebrated and trends are rapidly followed, PFV manages to sound comfortably familiar and wholly unique--no small feat. Optimistic, reaching keyboards give way to swirling guitars and Isaac's soaring vocals on the lead track, "Futureproof"; when Isaac croons, "It's a wonderful world," his hopeful words make it so. "Electric Star" is ready for modern-rock radio, backed by a steady beat and pointed guitar licks. "The Things U Can't C" is U2-like in its grandiosity: stadium-sized guitar symphonies and Bono-sounding vocals. "Habitat," the EP's first single, is achingly gorgeous and dreamy. Isaac's voice is dripping honey as he sings, "You're beautiful just like a dream to me/You show me something I want to believe." | Laura Hamlett

hot off the press

2008 press
former atlantic recording artists new project getting craze reviews from industry
"People From Venus are one of the most impressive up and coming bands in 2008."
- John Richards, KEXP 90.3 FM Seattle

"The Next Big Thing"
- Gregory Perez , MSNBC

"Power Pop with massively catchy melodies and sound that combines the worlds of rock and Electropop"
- Broken Spindle



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