Always looking for artists to work with.
Hip-hop/rap beats available for a modest price!
Demo CD and full album deals available!

Also offering:

Mixing for $25 a song!
3-5 track Demo CD mix packages starting at $100
10-14 Full length Albums starting at $300
These include all the appropriate edits, fade-ins & outs, noise reduction, effects, and special effects if needed.

If you have internet and your pro tools sessions. logic sessions or tracked out wav files, you can simply send them online and eliminate time and hassle!

Contact for more info and mixing or beat production needs.
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Martin Gate
over 30 days ago to Pauli 2 Times


Do you have a release song radio version you will like to get it out there to be heard by many? Our playlist alone currently get hit 5000 listeners and website visitors per hour. So, if you have your song featured on our playlist we can guarantee you it is going to be heard, indeed you will receive monthly listeners and website visitors statistics if you are interested email your song to for review and consideration.

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Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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