Born just to do music,been a dj since i was just a little boy.Working in a record-store in nyc got to sample all kinds of music.But 2 RECORDS OUT IN 95,from there just keep doing music.i try to do little bit of everything from HIP- HOP,DANCE,POP,RB,AFROBEAT,DEPHOUSE what ever the mind desire at the moment.Just try to keep real as possibly, to my self and to the artist.


Hello everybody checkout some of my tracks like them use them buy them just of under a buck!

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over 30 days ago

In the world of music yo just be yourself!!!!! fuck about sounding like some one else do you.

Tia P.
over 30 days ago to DARKANGEL PRODUCITON

Darkangel, did you send me a message?

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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