Flavor Spanks is a sadomasochistic twist on pop candy. With Flavors from Abba to Zappa, this duo is an assortment of fruit spanks. The music is designed to tickle your ear and go deep, but not too gooey, where variety is the spank of life. Do people really read this crap? FTR, that is not an official flavor, but we do like chocolate.
This site is a summary of the projects I have worked over the past years. My newest project, THE FLAVOR SPANKS, w/ Lucius Stone is finishing up an album - The Politic Eclectic. We also have some tracks from Jean & the Flavor Spanks, which will be any of the female vox tracks. For info about myself, Lucius or Jean check the Bios.
Some older songs I have done are also posted here. My friend and musical mentor Lee Douglas died of cancer December 21, 2009. Our project Douglas/Parsons is like cooking up some schwanky, bluesy, jazzy funk gumbo style w/ some cayenne pepper. I keep him alive by posting our music here. Cheers!

Latest News

Check out Bite Me! It is the new single from THE FLAVOR SPANKS! This has been my latest project. We are a mixture of Ben Folds, Steely Dan, and Weezer. Tastes spankin good!

Lucius Stone

Lucius Stone
After a global childhood spent with a music mix of sitars, call-to-prayer, bible thumping church hymns, Chinese Opera and disco, Lucius spent much of his young adult life being influenced by the timeless music of Monty Python, Sesame Street, and Steely Dan. These influences come-out in both the shallowness of his lyrics and the complexities of his chords--most guitar players either hate him or just ignore the chords altogether. He usually tries to compensate by playing the missing notes louder on the keyboards...which just makes the mix sound silly. Mitchell was the first guitar player he met who could actually play his chords--in part because Lucius had been previously hanging around with mainly lousy guitar players. For The Flavor Spanks, Lucius writes music, helps with production, bangs on the keyboards and sings.

Mitchell Parsons

Born in Birmingham Al, we moved around a lot as a kid. In Bloomington, IN I first became a fan of music as a toddler. John Cougar was from there, and man! His last name is Cougar! How cool is that for a 3 year old! Then there was Kiss and Rock and Roll All Nite, and with a movie... Kiss Meets The Phantom! I was hooked. Moved to Lafayette, LA for some cajun food, good peeps and good times. Van Halen's Hot For Teacher changed my life in 1984, because you know... I could relate to that in 4th grade. It took years to convince my parents that I was a guitar player, but here I am living in Atlanta - still pursuing music. Teaching, Recording, Engineering, Producing... whatever it takes to get something to sound better. I will be posting up a lot of my music and projects here soon. Right now there is The Flavor Spanks and the work I did with Lee Douglas - RIP.
Of all the places I have lived, Mobile, AL is my home. What a crazy little place on the Gulf! Love ya!

Dr. Jean Whichard

Jean is a very talented musician who, while not an official member of The Flavor Spanks, guest stars on several of the songs on the current album with her vocals and guitar. She also wrote a few of the songs. Jean actively performs in several other bands around Atlanta. She is very cool and we like her. :-)

Lee Douglas - R.I.P.

This site has been a dedication to my great friend Lee Douglas who died of cancer December 21, 2009. He was a great mentor to me and helped me break in to the digital world of recording. In 2004 Lee and I wrote and recorded a number of songs together to put together this album, Biznet of the Night. (Lee always loved to respell things!) It is a schwanky Blues/Jazz album that we recorded at our houses, mixed by Martin Kearns (Down in Deep) at 800 East, and mastered by Rodney Mills. The majority of the album reflects Lee's outlook on the world and the gumbo that is our musical chemistry. Hope your ears are hungry!

Much Love,

Mitchell Parsons

Enrique"Dirty Drumstick"Sanchez

After hiding in a small village in rural Guatemala for over a decade, Enrique is back in Atlanta causing all kinds of trouble. He has a nasty habit of skipping parts of rhythms arbitrarily--presumably just to keep the rest of the band on their toes. His ill-tempered demeanor and complete lack of social etiquette (along with a nasty habit of passing last night's burrito-laced gas in small practice spaces during rehearsals) has the band actively searching for a replacement.

Alvin McMullin

Alvin knows how to boogie on the bass. He was originally taught by his 7th grade band instructor, Mr. Baumgardner, after an unfortunate incident with a tuba mouth piece left his lower lip permanently paralyzed. In spite of this tragedy, Alvin had been bitten by the music bug...he just couldn't bite back anymore given the issue with his lip. So Alvin reached for an instrument that he didn't need to blow--electric bass. The lip problem caused him to drool a lot, but he found that the bass made him look marginally cool anyway. He practiced night and day until he could play anything, and finally joined the Omaha-based Swing Out Sister cover band, Breakout & Boogie, when he was 19...and he's been playing professionally ever since. Alvin doesn't write music, and the rest of the band won't let him sing because he can't pronounce the lyrics very well--when he sings it all just sounds like "urhhhhllllrrr." But he plays the bass. And he does it well.


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