Thierry Zaugg: second voice of ASP, Drummer of Tamagotchi Suicide Squadron, and Keyboarder of Moogatoo. Producer and Songwriter of Parashout, all-go-rhythm and Nomenes. He started making music at the age of 5, with his first drumkit, 7 years later he started sequencing with an outdated keyboard, that was the time he decided to "make more". some years later he learned to play bass, didge and several other native instruments. at the age of 24 he began to write lyrics and as well sing them. At the momment Thierry Zaugg works as a Producer and designer in a small advertising company in switzerland.

having some local breakthroughs with his band ASP (aggressive sound painters) he decided to release the first "true" oneman-project (LP): Parashout - Popart?. Wich is quite a success in some parts of switzerland. But making music in switzerland is like selling rice to a farmer.
Joining some music comunitys around the world should change that a little.

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