Dead Lies

Story Behind The Song

A song i wrote for a "friend" who pretended that he will die. But he lied

Song Description

A mixture between Pop Electronica an a little bit of new-metal elemts.

Song Length 3:42 Genre Rock - Modern, Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Furious, Tense Subject Fools, Lies
Similar Artists The Chemical Brothers, Limp Bizkit Language English
Era 2000 and later


what the hell did you tell them, u fell.
you felt well, no place for a fune bell.
you told us you die, something to cry
our eyes ran dry. why did you lie

fuck what you did, sitting next to your lies.
your no longer a kid. what if somebody dies.
No need to put you in the center
No need to read on a heavens-gate-sign, Enter

Just for a stupid reason, this meant war
like a reaction from a season, of 24
travel to the core of your mind, look behind
the IQ of a boar exceeds your kind, you find

when you?re lying in a bed dying
no one believes, every one?s denying
then your alone, waiting to go
your feelings blown, waiting in a death raw

when you?re lying in a bed dying
no one?s relaying on you, no one?s even trying
then your alone, waiting to go
only flesh and bone, staying below

why did you say, that you don?t stay.
until the day, we were prepared to say.
bye bye, die die not know.
we prayed, slayed our time, we must wait
you said, it could be now, wow, we said, but how,

Lyrics Thierry Zaugg Music Thierry Zaugg
Producer Thierry Zaugg Publisher Thierry Zaugg
Performance Thierry Zaugg Label bediferent sound studios
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