Simply put, I'm a musician who likes music that doesn't suck. I'm not interested in breaking things down into genres or straying from something for being "mainstream." If it's good, I like it. That being said, the music i write is a product of countlessly odd influences mixed with my natural born sense of strange snowballed into something unique, fun to listen to, and always the perfect soundtrack for skinny dipping.


I started playing music in 1999 when i found my first guitar in my neighbor's trash can. Soon after that I bought my first drum kit from a friend for $100 and a struggling musician was born. I played in a couple of bands before I started Parannoyd in the summer of 2000 with Josan Vidal (drums), Nathan Hubbell (bass) and myself (Brendan McAllister) on guitar and vocals. The band didn't really do much until about 2003 when we replaced Nathan with Glenn Miraflor (bass) and we started making demos on my 4-track recorder and playing shows around town. Some memorable shows were playing the "got milk?" battle of the bands and opening up for Local H at a dive bar here in Vegas. But in the summer of 2004 our drummer left to pursue more enduring hobbies, such as playing video games and growing a ponytail, leaving Glenn and myself in the market for a new drummer. Enter Steve Shaffer (drums) and Parannoyd was back in business. Currently we are playing shows around town, working on new material and doing whatever possible to take the band to the next level, which I hope is success. I don't know levels....

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