Chromasonic Nature is a songwriting team in Jacksonville Florida, U.S.A. that covers alot of different genres. It is an adult contemporary/ rock mix that depends on solid guitar improvisational solos that serve to Intertwine the mood and melodies of the songs.


Chromasonic Nature, what a great name for a band that is refreshing, colorful, laid-back and yet powerful all at the same time. In their present format, to call them a band is actually a misnomer. The group is actually only two artists. John Moffett and John Adkisson. Moffett and Adkissson have been together since November 2003. Their rolls in this partnership are derived by their unique talents…Moffett is the consummate musician and songwriter; and Adkisson takes the role of lyricist, singer and producer.

The Adult Contemporary/ Rock mix depends on solid guitar solos that serve to intertwine the mood and the melodies of the songs. The music is generally considered to be ‘old school’. The music is introspective, moody, and as another artist called it “covertly spiritual”. The topics of their music are varied. They attack topics as diverse as domestic violence in “ No Easy Answer” to drug abuse in “ Inside Your Skin” to family unit separation in “ Lullaby” which was a song they wrote for Moffett’s children.
The songs “ I Know” “ Next Time’ and “Reason to Change” address the remembrance and regret condition of the human soul.

Moffett’s guitar work is unique, from his creative bass line, to his powerful rhythms to his semi-shred style of lead guitar. All music cycles and it is Moffett’s hope that the guitar virtuoso will return to music. Ask Moffett where his inspiration comes from and he will always relate it to improvising. No two leads will ever sound exactly the same; nor does he want them too. “ I just play what I feel and let the moment dictate”. Adkisson derives his inspiration from his love of music. “ I’ try to listen to what the music is saying and Moffett’s guitar always says so much...I love listenening to him play, it’s a joy and I get to hear him everyday”.

The desire to create music and the inspiration that comes with this desire is what drives these two artists. It is this desire that gives Chromasonic Nature, it’s unique sound, and unique perspectives. The by-product that is created is beautiful music that brings forth the passion, the pleasure or the pain to all those who listen and hear the music’s message.


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