I've been into music since I was 6, before I knew anything about the type of lifestyle being an artist can bring. I do this because it's my passion, not a get rich quick scheme. I've been nationally featured in press in the past, have had a nice buzz going for myself online, and have built a team that works with me to push my career forward. To find out more about me, please visit www.facebook.com/mynoritymusic.


New York is known as the birthplace of hip hop and Brooklyn has been the epicenter of hip hop's greatest and most successful artists. Coming from out the shadow of Brooklyns' well-known talented artists is the young, yet mature and charismatic MYNORiTY. At the tender of 26, for hip hop artist MYNORiTY, known to most as Myno, its' do or die time. After a few small successes which gave him some momentum, including a full page feature as Newcomer of the Month in Right On! Magazine's November 2004 issue, he's learned the hard lesson of what happens when you let your momentum die down.

In the recent years since his Right On! Magazine feature, he's released a 4 part mix tape series entitled Myno's Way, a 4 song self-titled EP, and the head knocking single "Street Bounce", which generated a good buzz online for him. He's also lent his talents to several independent films and an HBO TV pilot, where he was cast as the lead actor. Unfortunately, the plan of using his lead role in the series to help bring attention to him in the public eye was brought to a halt when production on the show pilot was cancelled until further notice. For Myno it was back to the drawing board, as well as a sign to focus on the thing that first allowed him to have any interest in entertainment and that was music.

Alongside his business partner and close friend Chris Burke, he began focusing his efforts on building his indie record label, Dollatarian Records, into a recognizable and relevant music company. Adding two other artists to his label and developing soon to be released projects for them haven't stopped him from focusing on his personal music projects as well. His anticipated full length LP entitled The Commencement is due out in late 2011 on Dollatarian Records. However before the release of the full length LP, Myno will be releasing an EP, entitled The Countdown in the summer of 2011. The goal of the project will be to give listeners a small preview of what they can expect from the LP.

With his past mistakes behind him and a clean slate in front of him, Myno is focused on creating and expanding his fan base in the coming months leading into his full length LP release.

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Dan Robinson
over 30 days ago to MYNORiTY

It looks like you got a credit in the Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 Freestyle mobile game. Congrats'

I had a song called "Capture the Momentum" in the game.

Feel free to contact me at: drsongman@gmail.com (724) 612-1615

Also, do you know when they are gonna release the Droid version of the game? I had thought it was December 22nd, but nothing has happened as of yet.

Thanks and have a nice holiday season.

Wish you much continued success!!!

thanks Dan

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