When You Come Home

Song Description

This song places you in the shoes of a soldiers family, firstly starting with a young child who's seeing her father leave for war. It then describes what the wife of a soldier goes through and the critical role they play in a soldiers life.

Song Length 4:01 Genre Rap - Hip Hop, Rap - Alternative
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Diplomatic, Moving Subject Patriotic, Hero
Similar Artists Jay-Z Language English
Era 2000 and later


When you come home
I'll stop this
When you come home
I'll hide these good
I'll never cry again
When you come home to me

Little girl see her daddy packing bags full of clothes
Daddy wait, daddy stay, sorry daddy gotta go
At 0 five hundred daddy walking out the door
Daddy going to be brave, daddy goin' to fight a war
And she doesn't understand, all the stars and the stripes
All she understands is that she wants her daddy by her side
And forget about the pride, she don't really get the glory
All she know is that she can't, get a bedtime story
From her daddy, and she like the way he read
Needs to hear his voice at night to go to sleep
She know it's for his job but she doesn't comprehend
Cause to her her daddy is more than just a man
Her daddy is a hero and he's her best friend
It'll probably be the same way until the very end
But as long as he's away, she gon' have to sit and wait
Asking mommy when daddy coming home, what's the date
It'll be OK

HOOK (1x)

Now she knew that this was a possibility of life
If she made the decision to become an army wife
And she loves her country for all that it is
But she'll probably grow to hate it with a fatherless kid
Either way, she still can't show any fear
Cause she gotta be strong for her baby girl here
If she not, then she know her baby girl will react
So she tries not to think about him when he's in Iraq
And it makes real hard, cause she miss him so much
When she's laying in the bed, just wants one touch
Just wants one kiss, all the things that she miss
Every moment spent together is a moment full of bliss
And she tries to keep busy while he's in the war zone
Every night she pray for Obama to bring him home
All she really need is him, she don't need much more
And she praying that this one was his last tour

I saw you
And then I knew just where you'd be
I'll stop this
Real soon when you're back safe with me

HOOK (1x)

Lyrics J. Wright Publisher Dollatarian Music
Performance BMI Label Dollatarian Records
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