Best friends Kane Churko and Mike McHugh are no strangers to the music business. Having met nearly 5 years ago, the duo known as Modern Science have been on quite the ride enduring most of the problems that plague the industry early on. Having built their foundations upon independence, creative control, and a longterm vision the band has managed to keep their heads up and their attitudes optimistic.

Official 2008 Bio

In the rock music industry, everyone seems so concerned with indie "cred," posturing as struggling, tortured souls, all the while desperately trying to get their melancholy, acoustic guitar compositions onto the soundtrack of the sequel to Juno. What happened to bands that enjoy making fun music, that aren't afraid to laugh at themselves, that simply kick out the jams because there are jams begging to be kicked?

MODERN SCIENCE is what happened. If John Lennon and Jamiroquai had a baby with Duran Duran as babysitters ... well, you still wouldn't have Modern Science, but you would have a messed-up kid. Still, this Las Vegas-based duo comes on strong with killer hooks, irresistible rhythms and sing-along melodies the likes of which are rarely seen rising from the dustbowl of the Vegas Valley.

It's really no surprise, however, that Modern Science's young songwriter and singer, Kane Churko, 22, turns out such well-crafted gems that defy his lean years- it could be in the genes. His father is Kevin Churko, whose production work can be heard on albums by Ozzy Osbourne, Shania Twain and Phil Collins to name a few. The elder Churko - who produced, co-wrote and engineered Ozzy Osbourne's Black Rain album - co-produced and engineered Modern Science's debut CD set for released in 2009.

Modern Science's debut CD is the result of a metamorphosis that began in 2006 when Kane Churko hit a wall with his solo project, Mr. Kane. Through - what else -, bassist Mike McHugh came across Churko's music, and the Chicago native found himself eerily drawn to Mr. Kane's pop sensibilities. The two formed an instant bond, and charged with a new spirit and direction, Churko left Mr. Kane and his management behind, and the pair began to record songs under a new name.

You could say the rest is history, but it's more like an epic tale just barely starting. Set for release in early 2009, Modern Science's debut record is to be released on their own vanity label MIMORTL Records with plans to seek distribution both domestically and abroad. Already having garnered regular airplay with their debut singles 'Every Little Thing' Modern Science is poised, polished and ready to bring their booty-shaking grooves to the world.

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