Audio and visual art bringing forth ambient noise tracks for your veiwing pleasure.


First and for most Mister Misc Ill is a small collective of musicians and producers. Ken Leiser of Marvin's Garden, Dustin Ohio of Skip the Middle Man, and Ryan Monroe of Photo-Poetic are the core writers. JJ Sager played the song "PIT."

The album "The Way We Draw People," was mostly produced by Ryan Monroe, although two friends have helped produce a few Tracks. "Violnation," was produced and cowritten with Jason Blare of the Crest. and "Birds," was cowritten and produced by Dustin Ohio. Mister Misc Ill is an ambient mix of tones, bringing forth a sound rarely heard. Blending together acoustic instruments with that of the digital world. Please Enjoy.

Do to the greatness in Dr. Jonez production and his kindness , I have posted two of Photo-Poetic's earliest tracks, "Sad and Crazy," and "Fight or Flight." He has been a huge influence on the direction of Mister Misc Ill. We hope to colaberate with him in the near future. Thank you Dr. Jonez.


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