Caravan Gypsy Swing Ensemble is an instrumental group based out of Madison, Wisconsin. They are primarily influenced by the legendary Gypsy guitarist DJANGO REINHARDT. The ensemble also pulls influences from jazz, swing, traditional Latin, Parisian waltzes, and other vintage-jazz sources. Expect a range of tunes from the "Hot Swing" repertoire, originals and classic tunes done in a uniquely arranged style.

Caravan G.S.E. has done a wide variety of club gigs and private event performances. They have also had extensive festival and concert series experience. They recently shared the stage at Djangofest-Madison with Amsterdam’s Robin Nolan Trio. Later in the year Caravan G.S.E. joined the Clearwater Hotclub, Swing Gitan, and Harmonious Wail as part of the third annual Midwest Gypsy Swing Festival. Notable television and radio feature spots include ABC's "Cooking the Casbah" and Wisconsin Public Radio's "Higher Ground with Jonathan Overby."


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