A Black female fronted alternative Indie band originating from Brooklyn, NY USA. MindThirst's musical influences are alternative rock and new wave.


MindThirst is a Brooklyn based band with a touch of deep Alternative Indie Rock that makes you think. The band is flowing through the Black Rock experience coming out of Brooklyn. Flavored with intense vocals that is inspired by a good feeling guitar, it?s a blend of rock, new wave, pop, and a hint of punk offers a unique sound.

This band was an acoustic duo of D. Lammie-Hanson, vocals and songwriting and Ken Pesantes, acoustic guitar. While jamming at The Studio in NYC, these two met George Chang - bass, Cal Payne - Saxophone and Curlan Moore - drums. It took them about 6 months before they collaborated on a gig for Arlene's Grocery in NYC.

Playing originals and some fun obscure covers like John Frusciante, guitarist of the RHCP, solo music or a Blind Melon tune always gets the crowd going. The audience digs the bossa-nova "Questions" hips sway as Lammie's voice washes over them. Another original is "Origins". The crowd loves Curlan's drums. But when they do a cover like "The Metro" - from Berlin they seemlessly made it their own. People get up and dance and get lost in the groove that they created. They approach music from the Generation X point of view. When you have George's creative bass grooves flowing with Curlan's drums, the audience experiences each song as completed work of art. Cal Payne on Sax completes the set.

MindThirst draws a very good crowd where ever they go. The energy is like feeling reborn and it takes you back to a place where music and the soul first met.

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