Hmm, I am the most perfect me God created. Stubborm, and stubborn, and blond, ha! Hell dont want me and heaven aint ready, guess Ill hang out here proceed to rock steady. If you like what you hear, let me know, Im one of the very few women who play rock guitar and perform in around a 59 mile circumfrence. Im not afraid to rock, and Im not afraid to look you in the eye, as I tune my guitar and play. When all else is said and done, the best compliment I still receive is watching people rub the hair back down on the backs of their arms.
I had to work hard to be this conceited.
and harder to be accepted by a community of male musicians. When you are a woman who plays, you have to work twice as hard, write twice as well, and really knowing what you are doing helps a lot. Theres no faking it when you play live, Plugged or unplugged, Im still plugging. Cutting my teeth literally on my fathers Martin D-28 and have played ever since.

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Working on CD of all original tunes Ive written in the past year and a half, after this project, I plan to go back and re-record the best of my best from over um , many many years, My musician friends have asked why I dont sell my tunes, I wouldnt mind so much, if I could just record them myself first, and at least have them listened to. Id like to make my music noteworthy on my own steam, however I realize 99% of making it is who you know, and 1% is talent. Im 99% talent & dont know anyone!
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