My early heroes were Elvis, Buddy Holly, and The (original) Kingston Trio before The Beatles and The Animals moved in, strongly influencing my writing at a young age. Being from Chicago, a child of the 50's and a teen of the '60's, I grew up with folk and blues, which formed the roots of my playing style. I?ve taken side trips into rock & roll and country, playing in a number of bands along the way of various styles, and showcased my songs in various clubs and on local video venues (the most recent being ?The Peggy Penney Show? in San Luis Obispo, CA), and they were fun, but I always come back to the writing because it?s what I love best, and where my concentration is focused. I love stringing words and melodies together in a fashion that not only sounds good but also makes people laugh, smile, cry, and also contemplate what I've written. But not too deeply. First, I want them to enjoy themselves.
Hope you enjoy these!
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