Playin' New York City

Song Description

A country songwriter seeking to get published/heard in NYC

Song Length 3:16 Genre Country - Rock, Country - Alternative
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cool, In High Spirits Subject City, Musician
Similar Artists The Eagles, Clint Black Language English
Era 2000 and later


I've guitared London town / played Chicago's bluesy streets
but even LA ain't got the sound /
of New York City's burnin' heat / a dirty low down beat

a small town hick in the Big Apple / I been to Nashville / too many clones
they call me slick / my boots get all the hassle
cause I don't play no saxophone

Playin' New York City / Writing songs in my country style
Playin' New York City / looks like it's gonna be quite a while

Pushin' my song / like other music junkies
Hey! I got a hit! Woncha listen to me.
Nah...It's way too long / Too much country
go back and write it like we want it to be

Playin' New York City / just throw your song on the pile
Playin' New York City / walkin' my lonesome mile

Running up and down the street / everyone I meet could be
the one who's gonna do it for me
take my song / tell me yes / don't walk away and make me guess
Tell me anything but no no no

I met a man strummin' the blues / somewhere on the avenue
One day he said, "Win or lose / sing it proud and play it true."
Playin' New York City / Hey, Doncha like my style?
Playin' New York City / walkin' that lonesome mile

Lyrics Michael Schwaba Music Michael Schwaba
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