Michael Cotter is a songwriter from East Troy, Wisconsin. Michael is currently shopping his music to various publishing houses. If you are interested in his music, give him a call or send an e-mail.



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"Michael Cotter's song "Her and Me" is fabulous radio hit just waiting to be heard. It's the kind of song that you find yourself singing along, feeling good and dancing before it's over... And then you wanna play it again. Great job Michael!" - Joe Vitale

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I am a songwriter and guitar player from East Troy Wisconsin. I grew up basically at the Alpine Valley Music Theatre so music is in my blood.

I am looking to have my songs recorded and released by an up and coming national act or any established act that is looking for some new material.

For you gear heads....all of these guys are really good at what they do and deserve your business.

I use Divided by 13, 65 Amps, Matchless, Fender and Marshall Amps. Fred is probably the greatest amp builder out there right now. Peter and his guys are catching up.

RPG effects....Roger is great. His compressor is outstanding. His tube screamer is classic. From Wisconsin....

Retroman....Ubervibe, Kustom Kopy Kat. Thanks Joe. From Wisconsin...You can hear the ubervibe on my song "Try."

Trailer Trash pedal boards...a must. Rooster knows what he is doing. Worth every penny in the studio.

Guitars....anything and everything. Gibson (Les Pauls and an SG) Fender, PRS, Jackson, real Epiphones....Taylor acoustics.

Robert has some of the coolest outboard gear on the planet.

I also have a great collection of Rockman gear. : )

Here is the link to the cover band I play in....

Rock on, Michael.


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Robert Entwistle Jr.
over 30 days ago to Michael Cotter

"Dangerously Pretty" is an awesome song. Keep the quality music coming!!

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