Melanie Denard burst onto the national and international music scenes in spectacular fashion in May 2003 on VH1's globally-televised "Born To Diva" TV series, where she was invited to perform by virtue of her selection as a Top 5 Fnalist for both Atlanta and New York City. Her moving performances of "Fallin'", "I will Always Love You" and "It Hurt So Bad" literally "rocked the house" each time and made her the ovewhelming crowd favorite, while eliciting enthusiastic kudos from the judges and viewers from around the world (see press info). Melanie artfully blends her powerful, earthy voice and her passion for R & B, soul,funk, pop, and rock to produce her distinctive "Southern-Soul" vocal stylings---a process that her fanatical fans refer to as "Melanizing" a song. Melanie is currently writing, arranging, and recording her new demo EP tracks at Jan Smith Studios due out in early 2005. (PLEASE VISIT WWW.MELANIEDENARD.COM FOR MORE INFO, AUDIO CLIPS, AND VIDEO CLIPS OF LIVE PERFORMANCES)

Press Info

"Really powerful voice...she makes the hairs stand up on my arms...' CHILLI and T-BOZ of TLC
"Sings soufully....unique voice...", COREY ROONEY, renowned songwriter/producer
"Terrific vocals...dynamic performer...", ROBERT CASE,
contributing wrtiter for MUSIC CONNECTION
"..chills down my spine.."
"..very soulful--best blues chic in Atlanta.."
"..scorchin--always blows us away..."
", wow, wow..."
"..terrific, awswome, phenomenal, and incredible.."
" ..stirs my emotions like no one I've ever heard before.."

Melanie is pleased to announce that she is hard at work on her new CD, tentaively entitled "DIVA RISING", with her highly accomplished producers, Jan Smith of Smith & Huston Productions and Grammy nominated Joe Howell of Stage Ten Productions
Visit for info about Melanie's Appearances at 2004 Atlantis Music Conference and Borders Books & Music (Atl.)

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I started singing at home and in church when I was about 6 years old, and I don't ever plan to stop singing. I love to sing just about all music genres--pop, rock, blues, soul, funk, gospel, country--you name it and I'll sing it. I regularly gig at local venues around Atlanta. I also enter the occasional singing competition, such as VH1's "Born To Diva competition", where I was selected to be in the Final Top 5 for Atlanta and NYC and got to perform my two showcases on VH1's Born To Diva TV series shown on VH1 in May 2003. I also headlined at one of the Atlantis Music Conference Showcases (Aug 2, 2003, Atlanta, GA). Previously, in 2002, I earned a Top 3 Finalist berth in the STAR94 Favorite Radio Singer Contest.
Presently, I am focused on writing and co-writing songs for my new pop/blues/rock album scheduled for release in September 2004 (My producers are esteemed producer/vocal coach Jan Smith of Smith & Huston Productions and Grammy-nominated Joe Howell of Stage Ten Productions). I am continuing to hone my vocal skills with the aid of my incomparable vocal coach/producer, Jan Smith of Jan Smith Studios, Please visit my website at for my latest news and info.

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