Why Did You Lie

Story Behind The Song

Another chapter from my own life expriences.

Song Description

"Why Did You Lie" describes the anger and frustation a woman feels toward her lyin', cheatin' boyfriend and her courage in walking out on him.

Song Length 2:58 Genre R & B - Funk, Pop - Rock
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Irate, Fuming Subject Anger, Fight
Language English


CHORUS: Why did you lie, baby
and leaave me here all alone
you made me cry, baby
I heard her message on your phone
Kiss me goodbye, baby
your woman won't be coming home
why did you lie?

V1" You said you'd give yourself to me
you held me close and kisssed me tenderly
you told me things a woman needs to hear

Everything was me and you
but all at once out of the blue
all of your sweet nothings disappeared


V2: I've finally had enough of you
and all the things you put me through
your lyin', cheatin' ways ain't gonna work no more

I'm tellin' you I'm through with you
ain't nothin' left for me to do
but let you watch me walk out the door.

Lyrics Melanie Denard Music Melanie Denard
Producer Jan Smith, Huston Singletary, Melanie Denard Publisher StarPath Music Group
Performance Melanie Denard
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