I am a freelance filmmaker, model and a indie female hip-hop artist as well as a Music Production Student.

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Rell T Don Watson

Yo Listening to beats by Erica Moore-Acklin ake Makkah the Rak she got some dope Beats. She dope behind the boards. Um bought to snatch me acouple #music is my blood -- .Erica Moore-Acklin ??i?

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Mecka is more than a simple rapper...she's an MC! Lyricism to anniliate any rapper and rival any MC. The messages of her rhymes are as varied as she is. From her lyrical flaunting on "Prepare for Battle" or "My Time" to her reflections on life in general on "We Live" to her smooth playful, sexually charged "Bounce". (One of the most intelligent and business minded people you'll ever meet.) Her flow is sick, her lyrics are tight. Don't make the mistake of putting this artist into the inadequate category of a mere hardcore rapper. She's versatile....Don't sleep on this MC! Introducing MECKA!!!!! Erica M. Acklin, b.k.a. Mecka Da Mic Recka, who is now 29 years of age; has been performing for audiences since the age of 6. Mecka has been performing in school plays and talent shows as long as she can remember. Her flamboyant R&B style turned to hardcore rap almost overnight. At the age of 19 Mecka wrote her very first song (with her brother Michael Sheffield b.k.a. Draino) entitled "Mama"; written for the first person that inspired them to take their careers seriously. Brick City is where it all began! Mecka was born in Newark, N.J.


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over 30 days ago to MakkahDa'Mic'Rakkah

Thanks for adding my Shake (Remix) to your playlist. I trust you could feel the high energy I was going for.

simon neighbour
over 30 days ago to MakkahDa'Mic'Rakkah

Thanks for your kind...or should i say a superb, review of my song called "aidiai",which i made 20 yars ago,but has now translated in brazilian way,i just wonder if i could find someone to re-do this song again 2010..
Greetings from Finland.

over 30 days ago to MakkahDa'Mic'Rakkah

Thanks for the review and please check out my site.

Go to http://whosthehottestrapper.com/id8 7.html

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