coming out of atl by way of jamaica is what the people have been waiting for with 4 albums out an in the studio working on his 5th he is one of the hardest working people in da game.


A challenging upbringing molded the path for Flip Gucci's continual rise to success. Roots from Caribbean background, born in Tivoli (small rural town in the parish of Kingston, Jamaica) Flip Gucci was brought to America at a young age. Raised mainly in the south with his mother and two sisters, he was cultured in Southern ways and merged his Jamaican roots with a splash of Southern hospitality. Over the years Flip Gucci has made a name for him self in the Atlanta scene, not only as an artist but as an audio engineer,producer,and videographer. with perfection at best, and a passion for knowledge and growth, Flip Gucci is a versatile well rounded MC who has always delivered great quality music from "Get Buck" to "stack it up" and now he is back at it again with his new hit songs "all about a check" & "drop it down" from his new album Flip Gucci's Day Off vol. 2.0. He is sure to keep u moving in the club or in your car, internet radio and soon on every television screen. Flip Gucci is rocking the ringtones and jamming in iphones so check out a song or two and see what u think.(C.A.P.)

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Thanks for your review and showing your support.

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