I am an independent producer / engineer / mixer / songwriter, fluent in many styles of music including Rock / Pop / R&B / Hip Hop / Electronica / Dance, Alternative and a whole lot of Etc.
Available for projects worldwide, I am currently based in Los Angeles... AKA Hollywood, California.
All tracks here were Produced and/or Recorded and/or Mixed and/or Written by:
Matt Pakucko.
To contact any of the singers or bands here, please contact me. I will be glad to connect you with them.

BEFORE you hire a Producer, etc.

I am looking to work with artists (beginner and seasoned) that get what I am saying here. In my studio, your studio, wherever. This isn't about me or my services or my studio. This "blog" is meant to improve the state of music for whomever this makes sense to.

Sure, check out me and my studio, my productions, songs, credits, etc. But WAY more important than that is everything else I have to share here.


If you are shopping for a recording studio, what you should pay more attention to than ANYTHING about the studio or the gear is the person(s) that will be working with you in it! That is the Engineer / Producer / Mixer, etc. A studio is only a set of tools. Who is using those tools is THE most important thing! That fundamental here work everywhere in life, too.

I am experienced and professional. The links I provide elsewhere on my site and any research you do on your own will confirm that I am a known entity with actual album credits. Google me yourself. Contact any of the artists I have worked with if you wish. In short, my observations here are educated ones.


I hear many stories of bad recordings, lame productions and miserable experiences that artists are left with after they record their music. Unfortunately, they have mostly themselves to blame. All too often they got someone or some situation that would "produce" or record them for cheap or even free. You get what you pay for. The artist did NOT do their homework on this person they set out to work with Stop with all the "I got a pro studio" already. A studio is just a tool. Granted, good tools are good to have, but tools they are nonetheless. Who (producer / engineer) is wielding this tool (studio) to help you create your vision should be your main concern.


But a large percentage of people advertising "studios" in LA are beginner engineers, or recent recording school graduates looking for some "practice" projects for their "reel." Or just have no experience. Do you want someone to practice on your music? An Mbox in a spare bedroom with foam on the walls is not a studio, HOWEVER... a real pro could make something great in that space if this was the right tool for that recording.

There are many real and quality studios in LA of course. Don't be seduced by that alone...not even by my studio. Be confident in the experience and ability of the person using it to help you create your music. TALENTED people have made some great hit records on cheap gear. Huge-budget flops have been recorded in awesome studios.


A zillion guys (and girls) will "mix" your record for cheap or even free. But first of all, what are you mixing? Is it the best possible representation of your vision and your music that you can record? Is it what you dream of and hear in your head? No mix will give you that if you don't pretty much hear it in the un-mixed tracks and at a bunch of points along the way.

A zillion guys (and girls) will record you in their "studio" for cheap or even free.
First though, do YOU have a clear vision of the final production before you even start? Do you have some favorite artist(s) who's sound influences yours? Do you know what it took for them to have their records sound like that? Do you know what needs to be done in the beginning of the project to have it sound killer in the end?

That is usually not fast nor cheap...sometimes you get lucky but don't count on it. Seems like an overwhelming number of artist I speak with are doing their darndest to produce their music as quickly or as cheaply as possible. They prefer to release something, anything, rather than release something awesome. Cheap and/or fast often seems to be the most important thing. I say to them: "Well, how is that working out for you?"
Get serious folks, if music is your passion. Don't' let your own unwillingness to go out and make the time and find the money limit your music. That is if you consider yourself a serious contender.

If YOU are not willing to go all out, why would someone you hire (at any price) do it for you?


I love great music. I love creating great music. I love pulling the best out of an artist even when they think they have already done their best. I love creating exciting and/or passionate recordings that didn't exist just a short time before. I love to hear the artist say things like "I can't believe that's us!" or "I never thought I was this good!". I love doing all this stuff but I can't do it for free (not too often, anyway). And that is largely because any artist that is willing to only put that little into their own music and their future...well...that just makes me wonder if they are committed to themselves.

Again, I am looking for artists (new or seasoned) to work with that get what I am talking about. And yes, you do need to have to have an appropriate budget for what you want to have in the end (Unless 1000 friends insist you are the next Beatles...and I agree...then perhaps we could talk the % deal). I deliver a pro recording at an appropriate rate that works for us both. I don't do flat fee, sight unseen production or mixing. Music production is not like assembly-line production. But you and I will work out a rate AFTER we talk about YOUR project and YOUR needs. I do have a great studio as you can see. And we won't even use it if it's not suitable for YOUR music. I'll use the right tool for the job YOU need done. Again, it's not about me or my studio. It IS about YOUR music.

I won't "...make you a hit...!" If those that promise that they will actually COULD, they wouldn't need to advertise. I will help YOU make YOUR music be the best it can be, and be competitive in it's genre to any hits already out there. YOUR OWN commitment, follow through, relationships, promotion, marketing, timing, and the public will decide if it's a hit. Killer songs never hurt either. I will show you what you need to improve them, too, if you want or need that.

I offer one free consulting phone call or meeting on 1 or 2 songs even if you don't plan on hiring me. I have an unbiased, very educated opinion that you won't get from you friends or your Mom. It is also meant to help you see things you may not have seen before...always to help you improve. Even just a conversation with me you will find valuable, or refreshing, or brutally honest and it may be uncomfortable. I intend it to be ALL OF THIS! I may tell you things you don't want to hear, but only in an attempt to have you bring your music to a much higher level. Sleazy Hollywood "yes-man" crap is what you and I don't need.

Again, I know you want to achieve the best possible representation of you vision and your music that you can record. My job (and my passion) is to help you achieve that.

Please don't email me asking "...what are your rates?." Respond appropriately and let's have a conversation about your project or a free consult.

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