I am a fairly new Christian and have recently started writing songs to give thanks and praise to Jesus.Thanks to those who review my songs, but I have placed them here to hopefully encourage you to look closer and ask questions so that you may find in Jesus, the answers.
God Bless
Mark Turner

Mark Turner Christian Worship

My Name is Mark Turner I am an "apprentice" Christian song writer. Married with two "grown up kids". ------------------------------------------------------------ In late 2007 the light at the end of the tunel was "switched on" when I discovered my faith ! Recently performed my first solo "outreach" type "gig" at an outdoor festival in Manchester.
I decided to start to place songs on Broadjam and Myspace in the hope that sharing these will help refresh those who have already found Jesus, and show those who haven't what they're missing !
The journey goes on............................. Thankyou Jesus.

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