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Captivating vocals with relentless guitar works, balanced attractively with a bass and a very punctual drumming, Lykaden encompasses and emits rock, alternative and psychedelia to the soul. The lyrical content of Mike Reddee offer a unique artistic vision of our world through catchy phrasing, while still evoking real emotion and excerpts of a life surrounded by trivial hardships. The musical stylings find common ground in the adaptations of alternative, rap and rock with expansive choruses. Lykaden’s live shows are full of volatile energy and raw feeling. The lively production leaves the listener astonished. Heyjay’s authority and execution on guitar provide the crucial feature in the show, but it is the mixture of all 4 members that make the sensation of rock energy absolute. The amalgamation of all these essentials has proven to be an unbeatable method for the novel band.
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Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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