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What DallasLocalMusicScene.com says... "You're for sure gonna want more Lykaden" "Five tracks is not enough to do this album justice, Lykaden brings the noise with their new EP. With their hard driven guitars and Sublime style lyrics, expect nothing but a solid album from this Richardson, TX band. Mike Reddee, lead vocals, can spit out lyrics faster than Eminem, but yet maintain a smooth flow over catchy guitar licks. Lead guitarist Jason Hayes must of taken a page from Jimmy Page?s book because his unique style brings a full plate to the table. First track on the album ?Wilt? is screaming for airplay on a radio station somewhere in this country. With its reggae style lyrics and loopy guitar sound, ?Wilt? will have your head bobbing up and down. Who let Danzig out on track two ?Two Times Removed?? Not that is a bad thing of course!! ?Super metal punk funk rap rock alt?, couldn?t describe it any better on ?Less Depressed? If you can follow what he?s saying for about five seconds, Frazzl?d will treat you to a ice cream sandwich. Track three is by far one of the fastest songs I?ve ever heard, but who said Lykaden was a pop band?.who, huh, what? What was running through my mind when I first put on ?Less Depressed?, I thought ?Wow, what a great guitar intro, kind of like ?Even Flow? by Pearl Jam.? A good theme to this song is and I think Mike sings it best here, ?Marijuana makes me lazy?. Just when I thought Lykaden couldn?t pull off a good semi metal punk rap rock alt. Ballad, here steps in the last two tracks on the EP ?Figure It Out? and ?Day Before Tomorrow?. Remember that ice cream sandwich? Well, Lykaden brought it?s volatile live energy to this album, with it?s catchy, loopy guitar licks and free style flowing lyrics, you're for sure gonna want more Lykaden after this five song tasty treat." Posted by Frazz of DallasLocalMusicScene.com

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What TexasGigs.com says... "I Like-a-dem Lykaden!" "HooooooWeeeeee do I love this band! These boys are tight and full of energy. Their tunes scream rock-n-roll...the good kind, the way it's meant to sound. The band consists of Jason Hayes on guitar and vocals, Michael Reddee on vocals and percussion, Sapo on bass & Isaiah Contreras on drums. It seems Michael Reddee and Jason Hayes are the brains behind the band's super-terrific-happy-hour songs. Isaiah is one fine drummer, I might add. This band is worth checkin' out!" Posted by Cindy Chaffin of TexasGigs.com

Song Length 3:59 Genre Rock - Alternative, Rock - General
Tempo Tempo Undefined Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Troubled, In High Spirits Subject Youth, General
Similar Artists Stone Temple Pilots, Pink Floyd Language English
Era 2000 and later


I can?t go on this way
I miss the days where I used to play
Everybody say?s I?m no good
I?ll never change cause I never understood
I feel it?s an all time low
Things I?m not meant to know
Somewhere along the way
I lost control

Show me something, one more time
Take me back away through time
I?m getting old, I?m getting older
I?m getting old! I?m getting old! I?m getting older!

Token this life away
On the front porch everyday
Gin & juice don?t do no good
Even pot don?t work like it should
It seems it?s getting cold
I guess I need my coat
It seems the years just roll
Where does the time go


I remember my first kiss, I remember my first twist
I remember my first sip of wine, I was stumbling drunk at the age of nine,
I can?t believe this disbelief in the world today
I can?t achieve what you perceive if your on my back & in my way
So keep me in mind
While I?m standing in line
And let the whole world know,
I?ve fallen on hard times
And they?ve fallen back on me


Token this life away
Spending casket money I?m supposed to save
I don?t believe it was meant to be
Whole bunch of nothing that was just for me
It won?t wait for you to come around
Pass right by, without making a sound
Never to be what I wanted to be, I?m wilting, It?s worrying me
It?s like the world is trying to hate me!
The things you say just may erase it!


I don?t need you crying on my shoulder
I don?t need you crying on my shoulder

Lyrics Mike Reddee Music Jason Hayes
Producer Eddie Commacho Publisher Lykaden
Performance Lykaden Label Indie
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