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LOVEHAMMERS' triumphant new disc, HEAVY CROWN, restores faith that heartfelt rock and roll can still thrive. With an inimitable and unpretentious sound, Chicago's homegrown heroes punch out an album of thought-provoking, hook-injected airwave contenders that are long on hooks and incendiary riffs.

"Heavy Crown is Lovehammers firing on all cylinders," says bassist Dino Kourelis. From the explosive opening salvo "Guns" to the soaring "Honest I'll Wait," Lovehammers nail a variety of approaches with expert finesse. With sonic jewels like "Your Time, My Time" and the infectious "Oh My Baby" forging a direct line to the any self-respecting rock music fan, Heavy Crown offers a refreshing respite from today's over-compartmentalized musical climate.

Taking song ideas, tearing them apart and reassembling them to get the most out of each track, the group's self-professed "Lovehammers manipulation machine" can take a bare bones song and morph it from an acoustic jam to a full-on orchestration. From there it's on to tracking-which the band did in Chicago and California with the help of producer Marti Frederickson (Buckcherry, Pink, Faith Hill, Papa Roach). From there, Anthony Focx was brought in to mix the record.

"Anthony had just finished working on mixing Aerosmith, Metallica, and Buckcherry-all bands that are definitely rock with big pop sensibilities. I thought he would be perfect for us," Dino says. "His passion, dedication and love for this record is something I haven't seen before from someone that was not in our band." Or as Bobby says succinctly, "He's a rock guy that gets what we are trying to sound like, and knows what we should sound like."

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