Heavy Crown

Story Behind The Song

We had a stint where a few loved ones were going through a lot of pain battling cancer and this song is basically what we are telling them to do, and that we will be ok - they can go and we will wear their "heavy crown" and continue to lives our lives for a purpose and make them proud. I was also thinking of my 90 yr old grandmother who is the strongest woman I have even known - left at 11 yrs old, raised 12 kids, and has had every illness you can imagine, but continues to fight. This song is me talking to her on her death bed.

Song Description

Letting someone go that you love deeply that has led a very inspiring life. There comes a time when loved ones are in a position where they are struggling to stay with us because they think that they are needed and don't want to leave us behind - unfortunately for them, they are going through hell, and this songs is basically telling them that it is ok. They can leave us now, they have done everything that anyone could have possibly asked them to do. It also reassures them that we will live our lives to it's fullest and make them proud of us. basically telling them that we will see them again, but until then, they can go rest, and we will "wear their heavy crown"

Song Length 4:38 Genre Pop - Rock, Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Endearing, Peaceful Subject Courage, General
Similar Artists Goo Goo Dolls, Matchbox Twenty Language English
Era 2000 and later


What keeps you hangin' on - When the end is near?
I see that look in your eyes - You have no fear
Where do you find the strength - How do you carry on?
Even heroes fall - On a road this long
There will come a day when you will settle down
Rest your head lay down your heavy crown
So, It's easier this way
Walk into the light
It will be OK
There will come a day - We will reunite
I will make you proud - By the way I live my life
So now it's time for you to pass it down
Rest your head I'll wear your heavy crown
So, It's easier this way
Walk into the light
It will be OK
And you know
What you mean to me
Our love will never die
You're a part of me
All of this time I saw the truth in your eyes
And now it's that time, Time to let go
- Chorus -
Fall upon my knees begin to pray
You close your eyes and slowly slip away

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Performance Lovehammers Label Reep
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