Lost Disciples have been "stupifying" audiences all over the Southwest for more than 7 years. There mix of Heavy Melodic Vocals with Deep Driving Rythms have placed this band among the forefront of new Talent. For Band Bios and other info check out the bands main web site at www.lostdisciples.com.

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It has been said that in the world of rock and roll, there is nothing like packing up your belongings and going on tour. Sometimes, however, a journey gives you much more in return than you expect. Such was the case with the Lost Disciples, when they embarked on a whirlwind tour of the Southwestern United States in September of 2001; a tour that not only changed their outlook on the world of rock and roll, but one that also changed their views of their band, one another, and of life itself.

As the story goes, shortly after 9-11, the bands bus broke down in Albuquerque, New Mexico. With their vehicle dead, little money in their pockets, and absolutely no place to go, the band was on their own; and at the mercy of a repair shop that had little time for them as the country reeled from the 9-11 terrorist attacks.

Over the course of one very intense and emotional week, Lost Disciples bonded in a manner that few bands ever get to experience. They laughed, they cried, and they wrote some brilliant music in the hot desert city. The Disciples learned a great deal about one another that week, and the surreal chapter in Albuquerque came to a close with the band singing karaoke tunes in a dive bar with an 80-year-old woman as CNN played on a television in the background.

Who knew that one intense week in Albuquerque would create an unbreakable bond of brotherhood among four men who could not be more different than one another, and create a band whose musical chemistry can now only be described as magical.

Lost Disciples eclectic mix of four completely different personalities creates a unique musical chemistry that lends itself well to their powerful driving music. Beyond the obvious well-written hooks, fist-pumping drum licks and ripping bass lines, the Disciple music has a heart, a soul and a powerful message. A message that can be interpreted in many different ways by many different people. At its core, The Journey Home is a hard rock mix that revolves around a personal spiritual journey coupled with thinly-veiled references to the emotional impact of 9-11 on the American psyche.

The Lost Disciples have garnered awards and critical praise with the pre-release of singles from their new album. "Seed" has hit ..1 on the Broadjam charts in six different categories, including ..1 Rock, ..1 in California, and ..1 in male vocals. Music critic Dylan Roberts said, "It's refreshing to find a deeper male voice showing for the lead vocals, something that's all but vanished since those early hippie days when rock 'n roll still had its macho edge."

If what they say is true that "Variety is the spice of life" then Lost Disciples exemplify it, as the rock world would be hard-pressed to find a band with four such unique musicians. Beyond the awards, album sales and critical praise, Lost Disciples have a powerful message and create rock 'n roll that you can pump your fist to.

Sometimes, a journey gives you much more in return than you might expect.

Such is the case with the Lost Disciples.

Nominated Best Hard Rock Artist

Lost Disciples Have Been Nominated For Best Independent Hard Rock Artist Of The Year By The L.A. Music Awards!!!

We'd like to thank Al Bowman, Stephanie, Lucy and all of the heads at the L.A. Music Awards for making this a reality. We'd also like to thank all of our Tremendous Fans for their continued support and call on you once again to help us take this Movement even farther.

This Nomination is a great honor but now we need to win!!!

How you can Help.......
There will be a Voting Party held at the Infamous Whiskey A Go-Go in Hollywood, CA. On The Strip. Thursday Night, October 12th 8:00pm - 12;00pm 8901 Sunset Boulevard West Hollywood, CA 90069

We Need You There!!!!
There are 5 bands nominated in our category and only 1 wins the Award.

Awards will be given based upon the opinions of 12 judges and the votes of Fans and Attendees. You've heard us say time and time again that we have the Best Fans in the country and you continue to prove us right again and again.

Bands slotted to play this Event are Junkies and Thieves, Outlett, Man whore and more. Show Starts at 8:00pm and ends at 12:00pm

So come on out, support Independent Music and make this Movement a Reality!!!! We can't do this without you. You are The Movement, we're just the Catalyst. We'll See You There!!!

Guys Take 1st At Bodog Battle

Hey Guys.....

Your Disciples Took First Place At The BoDog Battle
at The Roxy last Saturday Night!!!

We'd Like to Thank everyone who came out and pushed us through to the next round....

We've always said that we have the best Fans in the country and you continue to prove us right.

We'll be heading back For The Next Round "In The Trenches" In The Next Couple Of Months.

So if you get a free moment, click HERE and get familiar with the Competition. We're going to need you for the next round.

You guys are fantastic and we hope you know how much we appreciate all of you.

Thanks Again,
The guys of Lost Disciples

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