Little Red Wolf is a 4-member alt/folk outfit from Madison, Wisconsin. They use rich vocal harmonies, dynamic songwriting, and creative arrangements to create their unique sound. Their live performances are memorable for the beautiful 3-part vocal arrangements and multi-instrumental approach, with appearances by acoustic & electric guitar, viola, bass, accordion, mandolin, keyboard, keytar and kit.

Latest News

Little Red Wolf returns from an 8-year hiatus with a new album, “The Tops of the Trees”. A mix of LRW’s familiar folk-pop/country and rock styles, the songs explore everything from the mental health challenges of the pandemic to embracing changing bodies and relationships, to the love of one’s pets. Balancing the somber and the sublime, the silly and the serious, this ultimately hopeful album reflects the deep love and respect the band members have for each other and their communities.

The Band

Meghan Rose - vocals/guitar/accordion/piano

Meghan has an instrument addiction, which the band only encourages. She is proud of contributions with A Catapult Western and Atlas Improv Company, and enjoys band coaching for Girls and Ladies Rock Camps in Madison. Current projects: writing scores for Chapel: The Series, and for a new musical....about zombies.

Kelly Maxwell - vocals/guitar/harmonica/piano

Kelly is a bit of a Renaissance woman. She also sings and shakes the tambourine for local disco supergroup VO5, acts in about a million plays and short films, and gives killer massages. She also designs most of the band's posters and art, because girl's got skills.

Laura Detert - viola/bass/piano/bells

Laura is likewise a multi-instrumentalist. She plays viola, bass, and piano, and spends much of her time chasing butterflies and snakes on behalf of the State. She's been in the UW-Minnesota and UW-Madison symphony orchestras and currently plays with the SOS String Quartet. She has also been in the bands Strange Talking Animals and A Catapult Western.

Emily Mills - vocals/percussion

Emily loves this band with all her heart. She would marry it if that were legal. Of course, being the loving type, she also moonlights as the drummer for Madison-based garage/surf/pop outfit The Shabelles. She does a lot of other artsy stuff, too, which you can learn more about at her website.

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