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Lior Magal, a voting member of the Recording Arts Academy (NARAS) and Billboard chart topping producer, specializes in electronica/dance and pop genres. As a Song writer/Producer/Re-mixer, Magal's work can be characterized by the distinctive way he combines electronic, underground, Pop, dance and rock genres to consistently create a unique and commercially successful sound. Magal's D-otherside Music Group is a boutique music production company and record Label. His infectious rhythms and extensive knowledge have catapulted D-otherside to the top of the industry. In answer to a great global demand of the commercial music industry, (specifically for the label's unique style) D-otherside became an all media music service. D-otherside serves Signed/unsigned Artists, Major/Indie record Labels, Film, TV programs, ads/commercials, Small businesses / Corporations, Theatre, and websites.

Label Affiliations:

Sony/BMG, Geffen/Interscope, Warner Bros.
Robbins Entertainment, Mpress Records
BLUEM Records, Central Park Recordings.


Nelly Furtado, Pink, Cascada, Idina Menzel
Rachael Sage, Wendy Starland.


* A Voting member of the recording arts academy
* #1 Billboard chart for "Do It"/Nelly Furtado (2007)
* #3 Billboard chart for "Gorgeous"/Idina Menzel (2008)
* #3 Billboard contest for "Angel in my view"/Rachael Sage (2009)
* #1 VH-1 Song of the year song & lyric contest - Electronic/dance (2009)


Song writing, Composition / scoring,
Instrumentalist (Guitar/Bass/Keyboard),
Production, Re-mixing, Mixing / Mastering,
Music supervision.

"Magal is a consummate professional, equal parts artist and technician . . . He has an impeccable sense of aesthetic, and his adherence to quality both in his technique and actual equipment, makes his sound stand out from the fodder" Eric R.B. aka Indicant, Quarterlife Records NYC.

"Lior's sonic acuity is second to none . . . He has a remarkable grasp of the nature of what is needed, of what is not, and how to inject artistic beauty and consistency into his projects . . I'm happy to call him my close musical friend and second set of trusted ears . . ." Ron Thaler, Grammy Producer.

"Lior Magal's infectious enthusiasm for making music is nourished by his great imagination, endless experimentation and his involvement with many different types of music. Magal's mission is simple: to take you out of the ordinary moment . . ."
Artist / Producer / Remixer.

  • Member Since: 2009


AngelesDe la Mora4486653
over 30 days ago to Lior Magal

Is these your definition and feeling of love... ita amazing, her voice its beautiful... great for your art!!

over 30 days ago to Lior Magal

LOVE THIS SONG!!! Where can I buy it???

over 30 days ago to Lior Magal

Hey Lior;
Just wondering if you're on the lookout for new artists.

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