Welcome to the site. I just finished a 6 month contract with Carnival Cruise Lines on the Carnival Destiny, and am currently in Manchester, New Hampshire, managing the Climate Shock. I had a great time on the Destiny and met a lot of fun folks who I hope I will see sometime soon. I will be moving to Bermuda soon (April) for a long term engagement, and it would be just great to see some familiar faces there. To all of you who have stopped by to say hi, and chat, thank you. You have all been good fun. Occasionally some celebes stop by and say hi too (check out the photos):
*Kevin Cronin (REO Speed Wagon) "You're f*#king awesome, just amazing"
*Rick Springfield "Larry Rocks, Best Piano Bar guy we've ever seen"
*Paul Goddard (Atlanta Rhythm Section) "I love hearing you play, man. You sound like a whole band, without using tracks. Phenomenal!"
So check out the music, there are some cool photos too, and you can find me on iTunes as well. And remember, SUPPORT LIVE MUSIC

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On June 28, Lawrence's song, My Miracle made Broadjams top 10 list for age 15-24!
I'll be finishing up a 6 month contract in the Apollo Lounge on the Carnival Destiny Jan 10 2011. Anyone up for a New Year's Cruise?

Lawrence Maconaghy

Lawrence Maconaghy was born in a working class neighborhood in North East Philadelphia. Growing up with a musician for a father, Lawrence (Larry to his friends) says he doesn't remember learning how to play the piano. He does remember being kicked out of Sunday School for playing jazz at age 5. Of course, his mother was embarrassed, but dad gave a thumbs up.
Music was second nature, but when he decided to go to university as a music major, the world changed, as everything that once came easy, suddenly became a challenge. He couldn't read music well enough, and so he set out on a quest to find a teacher. He didn't just find a teacher, but a life saver. Lawrence himself has said "Without Mrs. Campbell (Ruth Lutty Campbell), I would not be a 'real piano player'. She trusted me with what I already had, but was able to train me to learn exactly what I needed." That was a lot of trust from a Julliard trained classical virtuoso who toured the world with Vincent Persichetti and headed a major university's music department, to give to a 16 year old, who could barely read music and wanted to compete with the world. In two years of constant tutelage Lawrence entered the University of the Arts in Philadelphia on scholarship.
After graduating, Lawrence spend the next three years performing, writing and recording with the band Melisma. "Melisma was a ground breaking act in Philadelphia, with soaring and complicated vocals and creative song writing. I got to play lots of instruments which is always fun, but it was mostly a labor of love. We performed at all the best venues in Philadelphia, opened for name acts on tour, and did regular TV spots. The album "Like Trolls" is now considered a collectors piece. I don't even own the original linyl". (you can, however, soon download Melisma MP3's from this site, from Lawrence's own collection)
Since then, Lawrence has performed as a singer/songwriter and piano bar virtuoso around the world. From Reno, Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas, Hilton Head Island to Holland America and Carnival Cruise Lines as well as Florence Italy, Ireland, Denmark, New York City, and Boston, where Lawrence will soon call home.
His songwriting has recently gotten Lawrence some radio play with his song "My Miracle". He works over 320 dates a year, splitting his time between composing and recording, and working the international piano bar scene.

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