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I utilized studio C again! I have 4 new tracks. I'm doing vocals for protilius and Adam Moodman as well. A friend of mine is recording the next session and documenting the whole process. Creating in my sleep. Just be patient for the new tracks. I'm learning Flash, Digital Design, and cleaning cigarette butts from 8-5.

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There is just too much great stuff to be able to fit it in this little box. ScrewMaker is the producer to all of the music and the song writer of Jaded. I write all lyrics, sing, and sometimes compose.

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Hey there Kristie, Just stumbled on your song last nite, wow it really rocks, thank you for this!
Sounds like deep trip hop and I can really feel those lyrics.
Pure talent!
Love from France

over 30 days ago to Kristie Rose (KRK)

Please make the song fucked up free to download I love it!!!!

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Clean Clean

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