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Since the band formed in a dark, damp basement in Lansing, MI. in September of 2000, Know Lyfe has had a single vision in mind, to make music that pushes the envelope, and reaches out to a very wide audience. Consisting of members Alfonso Civile (vocals), Jerred Pruneau (guitar), Matt Martens (drums), and Waylon Fox (bass), these four individuals live, eat, and breathe music and have been creating original, exciting, energetic material for the past decade regardless of many popular trends. While earning their stripes touring constantly and playing over a thousand shows and one hundred thirty seven venues, Know Lyfe have continued to build a solid national fan base, gaining respect for sticking true to their musical roots and capturing audiences with an intense live show.
The band released their first full length in 2004 titled "Autumn is the glorification of Death". The bands current release "On Cold Hands and Dark Waters" came out in January of 2008, landing them a national distribution deal with BCD Distribution and has been released in stores all over the country as well as digitally on I tunes. With a new album in the works, Know Lyfe continues to march forward and have proven themselves as a "Force to be reckoned with."

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