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I am from the Memphis, TN, area and started learning music in 1995 in the 6th grade as a percussionist. I fell in love with music and obtained professional status by marching snare drum with a Division 1 Drum and Bugle Corp with Drum Corps International ( My DCI career was cut short due to a heat illness but the passion for music was already deeply rooted in me. I graduated from college with a BBA degree and began work in Information Technology (IT). A lifetime friend of mine decided to get a music making program, Fruity Loops, and asked me to use my music and computer expertise to make some beats. I quickly figured it out and was producing beats the same night! My friend kept on asking for more and more beats and I consistently produced! My friend was impressed and gave me the name, "KO", because every time he asked me to do a new beat, I was "knocking the beats out" with ease. Thus, KO was born. After working in Corporate America for 5 years, my passion for music overcame me and I decided to act on that passion but this time, instead of performing live music, I would pursue the studio! I did an initial track and gauged people's responses to determine if I actually had a shot at doing music in the studio. The response was very positive and I then started and put out a couple of raw tracks and asked for feedback from random people to get more genuine feedback. Again, the response was good! Since then, I have been working on music to copyright and begin making my push once copyrighted and protected and that time has FINALLY come! World, I present to you, KO!

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