KLUSO...formerly with the Tokyo based ChickMagnets, now a solo artist and producer-promoter...spotlights his style on bringing the audience a unique blend of adult oriented originals mixed with not-so-well-known covers of classic and current influences. KLUSO's current collection of originals covers a wide range of styles from AAA/Alternative, to Pop/Rock, and Americana/Alt-Country. In essence, KLUSO is a story teller. His lyrics take you on a humanistic view of our journey through life and poignantly dig deeper than what may be apparent at first listen.
KLUSO's solo debut CD - DELICATE EYE - released in August 2006. It is a collection of all original tunes backed by his band The ChickMagnets and other Tokyo artists. Visit the Album page for a description.
KLUSO and and his production company BotE have just relocated from Tokyo back to the vibrant Okinawa live music scene. Please check the Event Page for info on the next show.

Latest News

Kluso and friends have cranked up ACOUSTIC LIVE again, this time in beautiful Okinawa.
BotE Productions is proud to sponsor the ACOUSTIC LIVE artists and our business Partners.
We welcome BAY SIDE CLUB as the first BotE Coop partner to sign on and support live music and artists. Please visit our new website at www.botelive.com

KLUSO - Promo Bio

KLUSO?...his music embodies the essence of a remarkable journey growing up as a West-coast baby boomer/self-taught teenage drummer, to closet guitarist, and then, after a whirlwind diversion as a fighter pilot for the U.S. Air Force, finally finding providence as a performing artist/singer/songwriter. This ?late starter?s? slow but deliberate and positive growth has enabled KLUSO to establish an enormous amount of experience in creating successful bands and expanding his merits as a singer/songwriter and performing artist.

With his ?solo artist? hat on, KLUSO performs as an acoustic oriented act and has also been off and on with the group he helped form 9 years ago - The ChickMagnets.
In addition, KLUSO has formed a production/promotion company, BotE, which aims to provide other local artists and bands a coop oriented way to expand booking and promotion opportunities.
These alternative venues as a full-up-guitar band, solo artist, and producer/promoter further define KLUSO's commitment in promoting his love of music, performing, helping other artists, and connecting with his audience and fans.

KLUSO is a ?story teller?. His lyrics take you on a humanistic view of our journey through life and poignantly dig deeper than what may be apparent at first listen. KLUSO?s unique vocal delivery and musical style supports the audience with simple but well crafted melodies that move you to a logical grasp of the fundamental nature of the song and story to be told.

KLUSO's debut CD, aptly named DELICATE EYE, released summer '06 and includes new original songs recorded with the help of local Tokyo artists and songs previously recorded with his working band over the last year. DELICATE EYE takes you on a retrospective look at our lives through a common bond of experiences and thoughts. The music covers a broad spectrum from alternative folk, to pop-rock, to alt-country. It is truly Americana in its essence and is an accurate representation of KLUSO's style and song craft.

World-wide acknowledgement of KLUSO's work is now also evident. His epic alt-folk ballad SECRET WAR was recently recognized and posted on Neil Young's Living with War website and has rapidly moved up the chart.

KLUSO has relocated from Tokyo to Okinawa, Japan and is currently actively engaged in live performance venues in the vibrant Okinawa music scene while compiling his next set of songs for his follow on CD to DELICATE EYE.


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Hank Thomas
over 30 days ago to Kluso

Thanks for the 5*' rating on my song "Hard Times In America 2020".

Very Much appreciated,


Lost @ Sea
over 30 days ago to Kluso

Hello There,
I am Dennis A singer/songwriter from NY in the U.S. who is hoping to get some plays and feedback on my 25 years of music I am uploading called 'Lost @ Sea' with many, many songs that will be added throughout the next couple months that should be a great combo of style and subject matter with the array of many musicians I have worked with throughout the years. thank you for your time and I do hope that a song may reach your ears and straight to your heart. That is what it is all about :)

Yours Truly,
Dennis Clifton
Lost @ Sea

1 Replies
over 30 days ago

Hey D.C.
Thank you for connecting! Really enjoyed Cornerstone.

Keep up the great work!
Good fortune and peace.

J Nelson K
over 30 days ago to Kluso

Kluso, THANKS So Much For Your 5-Star Rating Of "So I Know I'm Not Dreamin'". Coming All The Way From Okinawa Makes It Feel Even More Special ... (:>o) ... Enjoy The Day & Weekend On The Way ... J Nelson K

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