I learned early on, that; 'some people will like one thing, while others like another. Everyone has different tastes. The key to 'Kizzotainment' is; I love what I do, and I don't mind putting in work. I also believe in my talent and have a willingness to grow. I keep my lyrics clean.

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The recently released song title 'Get Together' hit #1 on FiveStar Pro DJ's Top 25 https://soundcloud.com/fivestarpro/sets/april-rhythm-soul-monthly-top

Get Together also ranked an additional four times in the DJ's Hot 5 list

Pro Review from: Roy Hamilton II

Pro's Comments: Hey Charles, I think this song has potential to make it onto radio and some film placements but I would need to be re-produced to meet sound quality standards. You remind me of some of the great Motown artists like Smokey Robinson and Marvin Gaye. I think the instruments sound way to programed and synthetic and if you use some live musicians it would bring a whole new life to the recording. I'd love to discuss this and possibly help you to produce it. My email is workingwithroy@gmail.com. Possibly a live guitar and bass would be a nice start to balance it out and add a more soulful feeling. I love the lyrics overall and the message is very timely.

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Kevin Walker
over 30 days ago to Charles 'KIZZO' Kizzee

Kizzo, Thank you so much for the 5-Star rating on "Remember The Days"". It's nice to be recognized by a talented artist like yourself!

Thanks for your kind review of "Adrift". I appreciate your perspective! 5-Stars to "Get Together" and "Close". Nice work!

Hi Charles! Thanks for the kind words on "Snowy Mountain Stream". Cool Bio! Catnip Pat

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