Always defying classification, Keram is an experimenter and pioneer, having been one of the first artists to make music available online back in 1993.

Ranging from ambient circuit bent minimalism, to heartbreaking acoustic folk, from noise core punk to sugary Tokyo pop, he follows his whims and fulfills them all.

A growing number of listeners around the world have learned to follow him on the adventure.

Sounds Like: Snow Patrol, The White Stripes


At ten, Keram was performing radio dramas for the CBC and launched his music career, releasing a full length album at fourteen in South America signed to a major label with songs charting at radio.

At 14 Keram was nominated for a Dora Mavor Moore Award (Canada's Tony) for his performance in "The Prince and the Pauper." At fifteen, he met Keith White and the two formed the band Blue Dog Pict for which Keram was the frontman for seven years.

"Some call it a cult, others a culture"
Keram created Constant Change, an indie record label in 1993. BDP released three albums and toured North America, charting in the top ten on a dozen College radio stations. BDP evolved into a lifestyle; the 'crew' helped them make every show an event: lighting, sets, costumes and makeup, and when themes for shows were announced, the audience prepared accordingly.

Keram dubbed them "Sky Pirates," a global network of creative pro-active skeptics. August 4th, Robot Pride Day, is a holiday recognized globally by Sky Pirates.

In 2004, Keram wrote/produced/directed the "The Charge of the 08.ZIYA," a feature-length film about the Sky Pirates. Drawn from logs of old Sky Pirate chats in IRC (internet relay chat) the film details the fight to keep the imagination free from the Corprat Empyre.

In 1996 Keram teamed up with Joshua Joudrie and DJ Shine to form Automated Gardens, an ambient-electro project using delays, turntables and instruments. Dubbed "Autogard" by fans, they played a wide variety of raves, usually taking over the chill out rooms for up to eight hours!

Keram relocated to LA in 1996 to form Ribcage with pavlo (bass) and Eric Herrmann (drums). The band toured until 1999 and recorded "For Machines To Dream About". After the band parted ways, Keram went solo. He released songs via film soundtracks (Happy Campers, Uptown Girls) and has scored for Sony, EPCOT Center, and the CBC among others.

He release his debut solo album Box in 2008 and the full band follow-up executive produced by Alex Lifeson (Rush) in 2014.

Acting Is Doing
Keram appears in such films as American History X (1998), Happy Campers (2001), John Q (2002), Rock My World (2003), Punisher: War Zone (2008) True Blood (2013), Texas Chainsaw 3D (2013). For an extensive list visit his page at

The Multi-Colored Dream Coat
"There are a rare breed of people who are not merely artistic but ultra-artistic...They play music, they write, they make films, they act, they paint, do any of a hundred other things, and they do them all with various degrees of skill that would make the less talented person sick. Keram Malicki-Sanchez appears to be one of those people." - Jeff Marsh, delusions of Adequacy

"Keram Malicki-Sanchez is on stage and all dressed up with every place to go. The boys a psychedelic vision...a one-man cultural blitzkrieg. Fans of his band Blue Dog Pict are enthusiastic to the point of being cultish." - Lenny Stoute - Toronto Star

Editor's Pick:"[Keram] brings rare songs with angular melodies and blipping sonics. Combine one part hipster presence, one part folky sensitivity, and one part electronic experimentation, and you've got a musical chameleon in the best David Bowie tradition." -

"...But my pick of the evening was something I peeked into on a lark on my way home. [Keram] played a gorgeous, short set of his solo stuff, with just an acoustic guitar. This guy is the epitome of a renaissance man...From his coat of many colors, I choose his solo acoustic gig as my favorite. [His] wonderful voice doesn't follow the typical pop/rock song structure most artists re-hash. He writes un-melodic non-rock, with high-brow, intellectual themes and a very hippy attitude that reeled me in and left the most lasting impression of this night's showcases." - Karen Pace - Daily Alternative Music News


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Just bought 'A Simple Robot'

Luca Raciti
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Just checking which other physical CDs I could buy, I see that the one with various artist is available. Then I will check and buy soon all the songs I haven't on CDs. Maybe not today but I am gonna do it in order to have your music. Wish you a happy and proficuos week, dear Keram. Luca

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Wishing you all a very happy holiday and brilliant new year

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