Keram - "Box"

This is a fitting and delicate introduction to one of the indie music world's most ragingly creative mavericks. Keram's songs have been featured on various film soundtracks including "Broken" starring Heather Graham with whom Keram co-starred in a video for his song "The Hanging Tree". Heather Graham also sings lead vocal for the song in the film. The song became the feature track on a subsequent soundtrack, which features a variety of songs by Brian Jonestown Massacre (Fuel 2000 Records, 2008.) On his new release Box, he gives voice to the long-developing acoustic side of his artistry. Recording the album came about as he and longtime collaborator Josh Joudrie were tracking vocals for a full-band supersonic rock electronica fusion project called Come To Life. Keram decided to take the opportunity to further capture some of the acoustic material he had developed at Hollywood's popular showcase spot Hotel Café alongside friends like Cary Brothers, Joe Purdy and Jim Bianco. (He plans to release Come To Life this summer.) Box is a quiet contemplative album that belies the quirky cleverness of Keram's fertile imagination - sneaking broken record players, faulty echo machines and household percussion in and around the deceptively simple acoustic guitar and piano compositions. His particular breed of indie folk-rock carries a subtle sophistication that pins down the meandering guitars and found objects that underscore his poignant and insightful lyrics. This album is finally available for purchase! Follow the link to get your own copy now!

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