A professional guitarist by trade, Kent is currently promoting new album - Kent Thompson Band's "File 2.0" featuring Kent on lead guitar alongside UK musicians Toby Lamb on drums, Graeme Taylor on keyboards, Phil Mann on bass and singer Ulrik Poulsen on lead vocal.

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Kent is heading to the USA in 2007


A professional guitarist by trade, Kent is an accomplished performer and song writer. Kent completed his first album with eclectic Sydney-based funk/rap outfit, The Cooks, before arriving on the London music scene in 1999. He was then part of short-lived punk/pop band 8JETZ who, at their peak, supported top Australian band Grinspoon on their UK tour.

"Project" was Kent's first solo album and was recorded and produced in London and Bristol in 2004.

Kent Thompson: The EP was released by Criminal Records in March 2005.

Kent is currently in rehearsal with his new band, expect to see some amazing shows in early January 007 as part of the promotional tour for his brand new album "File 2.0". This album has a real live band feel after Kent got bored with computers. Recorded live in the studio and featuring his favourite UK musicians - Toby Lamb, Graeme Taylor, Phil Mann and extra special guest Ulrik Poulsen - File 2.0 will blow your head off!

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