You Tonight

Song Length 4:04 Genre Pop - Alternative


You Tonight

You see there?s something upon us
You know I cannot hide
It seems tomorrow?s the date,
That we both must die
There?s no distance between us, that?s you and me
As long as I?m missing you I will be off key

(ah tonight)

Just like eyes in the morning, hurt by the light
I?ll be thinking of everything that we did last night
Well it?s almost upon us
You know I cannot lie
It?s never been the same between you and I

I will be thinking of you tonight x2

Well I?m trying to have you
But I?m far too blind
To see that it?s over
Just one more time
Now I will not forget and
I cannot fight,
The tears that roll from your
Sweet face tonight

You know that I will be thinking of you tonight x3
- sleeping with you tonight
- leaving you for life
- thinking of you tonight x 3
- forever

I will ever be
Thinking never be free

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