Southern California grown (Vintage), Vermont transplanted performing/recording musician for...for...for a long time now. Currently working mostly out of Lonely Llama Studios. Have had 15 Top Ten honors on Broadjam from my new 13 cut CD, Phanta Morgana, mostly in the Prog/Rock category (Thank you very much. I'd like to thank...). This effort was Co-Produced by and features the delicious sonic contributions of long-time friend and Producer/Writer/Guitarist of Heart, Craig Bartock. Christian-inspired, but you might have to listen more than once to know that. Sometimes I catch it from both camps for not being "in-your-face" or "out-of-your -face" enough. Whadya gonna do? But, judging from the responses of my friends and fans, I seem to be succeeding at a very satisfying rate; one heart at a time. Thanks for everything!!! Currently looking to collaborate with screenwriters/playwrites/animators to help me bring the full story of Phanta Morgana to the stage and screen.

20th Century Guitar review

" Indy pop pro Ken Dixon returned for his latest CD in 2005. The thirteen track Phanta Morgana is infused the great pop spirit of the early ?70s and the entire CD spotlights top musicianship of Dixon and his musical cohort, guitarist Craig Bartock, who worked so well with Heart on their 2004 CD. Though not obvious in his uplifting music, Dixon also offers track by track Biblical references in the CD booklet, which also include credits and lyrics. As far as pop goes, there's a goldmine of catchy, memorable melodies and arrangements here including the title track and the sequel, "Phanta Morgana Revisited" as well as the pop classic "Fish Out Of Water" and the socially satirical "We're All Doomed." The guitar work and the studio sound of Phanta Morgana is a testament to the musical expertise of both Dixon and Bartock"
---20th Century Guitar Magazine---.


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Peter Avedisian
over 30 days ago to Ken Dixon

Love the tunes.
PCA, Mad river vally.

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