Keith Sheppard is a singer/songwriter/music producer based out of Richmond, CA. He is a very versatile musician capable of writing quality music in many different styles. He founded the acoustic rock band, Sheppard's Krook in 2005, and their latest CD, "The Game" is now available for download. Keith's powerful vocals, backed by Ron Gainer on drums and Blair Reese on bass, combine to make a sound reminiscent of the Dave Matthews Band, but very unique and difficult to classify in its own right. Keith also writes music for film and television, so please contact him regarding video projects that need music.


I am a singer/songwriter based in the El Cerrito, CA area. Musically, you could say I wear two hats. I am the lead singer/guitarist and pianist for the band Sheppard's Krook, which plays music that is a mix of acoustic rock, r & B and jazz. I also compose instrumental music suitable for television and film. My main strength is my versatility. I compose well in many different styles and I work quickly. Whatever your project needs, I can provide.

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