Keenan creates a variety of original compositions on the keyboard, with tracks that come together in a well-balanced mix of various sounds and carefully selected instruments that evoke an immediate emotional response. The emotion comes on strong, where he pushes the rhythms to the forefront utilizing an understated melodic brilliance and a constant bass emphasis, Keenan makes enough sounds to keep you interested but leaves everyone wanting more. He does his own mixing, editing, and mastering. He had 4 songs produced into radio commercials, a song selected for MTV Sweet 16 Show, was a Grammy Contender in 2006, and several songs selected for various videos. You can hear his cds on cdbaby, but 90% of the songs on Broad jam are not available on CD and cannot be heard anywhere else. For more info, go to

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Keenan Baxter just finished his Irish Celtic cd, And is currently finished a Healing cd for massage therapy & mediation. AS WELL AS a still working on a Beach cd. The production on these will be Keenan's BEST EVER! Keenan's Celtic cd can be purchased or listened to at

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All songs are registered with ASCAP.

For Publicity, Booking or Attorney:
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Baxter Design & Advertising,
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For Performance dates, you need to contact Sue Baxter at Dynamic Music by calling

If you prefer to work with a label, you can Contact:
Joey Welz
Canadian American Records
(Both ASCAP and BMI)

Fax Inquiries may also be faxed to: 219-464-9237 (24 Hours)

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This is very difficult to determine, His music combines classical techniques, such as switching instruments, and instruments going back and forth, different rhythms and counterpointing melodies. Many say they have never heard anything like it before. His songs have over 24-28 tracks, some with over 15 tracks of percussion.If you have a suggested artist, we'd love you to tell us, we are really stumped on trying to find someone similar. He has been compared to:

Manheim Steamroller
Jim Brinkman


Keenan has had many influences over the years, but doesn't have any favorite musician. He listens to Pop and Current Rap, but in his past he probably was influenced by Jim Brinkman, DJ Bam Bam, Usher and Nelly.


Keenan started composing music without any musical training when he was 14 years old. At that time, his music sounded pretty far out, Now, 10 years later, his music sounds just in step with a professional composer, he's taking private lessons and plays the keyboard for live audiences. After being discovered by a Chicago Musician, Richard Fammeree, he was encouraged to pursue a career in music, Now he has 11 cds separated by genre with his 2009's cds in Smooth Jazz and Celtic. His genres are: Celtic, Dance, Techno, New Age, Adult Contemporary, Meditation, Goth, Hip Hop, Ambient, Calypso, Reggae, Blues, Funk, Asian, and Middle Eastern
In addition to his several cds, He is a Grammy Contender 2006, Top 40 Worldwide thru Canadian American records, and had a song used for MTV's Sweet 16 TV show in 2007. He also has podshows all over the world, with videos on the US Military website, Daniel Webster College and produced the music for a short film titled "Scary Movie."
His is continually performing throughout Chicago and Northwest Indiana. In his own recording studio and he is able to make his own changes for client's requests. For more pictures and info, go to You can purchase Keenan's music by going to, I-tunes, Rhapster, Napster, or just about any website there is!


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This song sounds alot like the New Theme song on the NEW Newsmax show "National Report" what A compliment!

over 30 days ago to Keenan Baxter

Lovely song

3 Replies
Keenan Baxter
over 30 days ago

Sorry, but which song?

over 30 days ago

I like this song.

Keenan Baxter
over 30 days ago

Thanks so much! I like it too!

over 30 days ago to Keenan Baxter

Just love this song

1 Replies
Keenan Baxter
over 30 days ago

Thanks Ashlee!

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