John is a singer songwriter from northeast Connecticut. His influences include good old classic rock, classical, progressive, alternative and jazz, among others. The main instrument is the piano, organ and synthesizer. He also plays acoustic guitar and sings. Starting as an art major in college, and all the while played in bands and wrote music. Most of the past decade, he has been a full-time graphic artist and illustrator, and most weekends played in a very talented cover band called the Blackburns. Now focused on employment in his creative fields, he continues to play and write and work as a freelance graphic designer.

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I've recently compiled a new collection of original songs. It's called Uncharted Seas. The CD includes rock, pop and ballads including "Always Been There," "Quiet Winter Night," "World in Time" and the title song, "Uncharted Seas." Please check out the video "Thicker Rope," a song with country and folk roots that celebrates the resilience of the human spirit.


I'm a keyboardist since I could remember I've been a creative type all my life. Realized just in time that I can be creative also with my life. With words, food, stories, adventures, feelings, emotions, thoughts as well as playing songs and writing music or drawing pictures. I did not study music at school. I practiced drawing and illustration and studied graphic design and communication. I always kept music as a "hobby". My passion for music began to grow in leaps and bounds and now at this point in my life, I'm really trying.

Spoil yourself. Spoil the listener. Be generous with your sound. Never care what the audience thinks of you, that's their business. Throw them cover songs, but on your own terms. You have a right to be heard. No matter what you do there are those who are in the same boat, greater or lesser than you in any field. No one wants one style anymore. Be brave.

I try to live up to all that. I'm in a classic rock band and I play out solo with my keyboard. I also record music in my studio. I'm new to mp3 sites and such and I know they've been around for a long time. I am an Art Director/Graphic Designer for my day job. I play or record at night and do atleast 2 hours of working out (lifting and stretching). I am single and have a great past to draw from for subject matter. I will never run out. I love to ride waves on the ocean and play sports when I can. I'm in my thirties and still dream as if I was a child. I go with what ever happens happens. I keep playing, recording and writing. I will keep submitting and exposing my ass to the industry.


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Thomas Henry Pelc
over 30 days ago to John Surowiecki

John, I have not been keeping up with my Broadjam or website, but I wanted you to know I received your comment on my songs. Thanks. I just listened to some of yours, and I really like a couple !!! I am much older then you, but still love my songs. but do little with them now. I live in Hampton, Ct. Not far from Coventry. Best of luck. Thomas Henry Pelc

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John Surowiecki
over 30 days ago

Thanks, Thomas. I lived in Hampton for 10 years, that was a while ago, and have been in this area most of my life. I don't keep up on broadjam that much, but once in a while I'll submit a few songs to see what happens. Best of luck and keep writing.

over 30 days ago to John Surowiecki

Thanks for the review.. u have some nice songs

Thomas Pitt
over 30 days ago to John Surowiecki

Hi John
Thanks for the review of my song " And the people come " it did fairly well getting to number 2 in the pop/Religious chart. How that happened I don't know !! Anyway thanks again.
Regards Thomas.

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