I see myself primarily as a songwriter/musician. My goal is to write songs from my heart to your heart. Hopefully, the songs will connect in some way and help you navigate through your days and nights.

I apologize if my music doesn't sound enough like a live, working band. I'm doing all of the instruments, vocals and engineering myself on my little home studio. I'm doing the best i can with what i have. But, i put my heart and soul into my songs.

trying to break through the wall

Music is truly in my blood and has been since i was four years old. I have to create, whether someone wants to listen or not.

Out of necessity, i now do all the instruments, writing, production, engineering, and singing myself. I know it creates some stiffness to the playing, but i'm not in a place where i can put a band together right now.

I'm not really selling anything other than the songs themselves. I hope i can break through that wall to the other side. All artists want their creations enjoyed by others.


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