I've been composing and performing for over 15 years.
Instruments - Guitar, Bass, Drums, Piano, DJ
Im ok in the vocal area, I'm no pro, thats for sure. :)
I appreciate listening to lots and lots of music of all genre.
There's alot of passion that goes into music, No matter what level of musician anyone is. I'm hoping to try and at least make my passion go from part time to full time. Arent we all. :)

Latest News

Recently finished a song called DirTmaN that I'm hoping will be released with a Film "From the Shadows".

Just Aint

"Growed up" in Dallas Texas, The first instrument I got my hands on was a set of drums. Even though I didn't get to learn how to play the drums while I was young, I did learn later. Next I moved to the piano. Only reason why I did that was Elementary school. It was during those months I realized I wanted to play music no matter what Instrument I was playing. Even so, it wasn't until I was about 13 years old when I received my first electric guitar with an amp. From that point on I knew music would forever be in my life.
Years later I joined my first serious band that was 2 inches away from a serious deal. With one bad decision from a band member that "deal" whooshed away. Needless to say I have never stopped writing and performing since. I never really thought to get into music for TV and Film, so here I am and here is where I will stay. I love spending my extra time just writing, recording, mixing, and producing. I have a medium sized studio that I use for a little bit of business as well. I'm also thinking of becoming an Independent Label. Not sure what's going to happen yet, guess I'll know soon enough. Thanks for stopping by. Have a good day.


Matthew Stemme
over 30 days ago to Joe Mata

Hey Joe!
Thanks for reveiwing "Just 18" And thanks for your constructive and helpful comments.
It seems the hook could be better, as I am hearing that from many. I am learning and the feedback is helpful.
Thanks again!


Bobby and Leslie
over 30 days ago to Joe Mata

Thank you for the terrific review of St James Infirmary (long version)! We are getting ready to upload a shortened version (for TV/Film Licensing) with more instrumentation and backup vocals. I'll "connect" so keep an ear out for the new version.

Bryant Johnson
over 30 days ago to Joe Mata

Hi Joe, Thanks for your favorable review of "Prelude to Ascent". Welcome to broadjam, hope you'll post some more of your work sooner than later.

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