Bob Bentley
over 30 days ago to Jodi Valentin

Hi Jodi,
I meant to get back to you sooner but thanks for a comprehensive and useful review of Love Is In The Things I Do. A lot of what I do is country but I wrote that as a pop ballad, yet you are not the first to say it would suit a country approach so I might have to give it a go.
The lovely Emma Jane who did the vocal for me as a favour has a career of her own here in the UK and much of her influences are country - yet you heard her as a bit Broadway. Funny how we all hear stuff differently, perhaps that's what makes music so fantastic!?
Many thanks for the review, you've given me lots to think of.

Ronald Arduini
over 30 days ago to Jodi Valentin

Hi Jodi...Commenting on you evaluation of Drift and Lover's Heart.. you say that the vocals are "little exaggerated"??!!?? I don't think they are little exaggerated They are a LOT
And you mentioned "dated.. you're spot on again.. I recorded these tracks in the late 80's and early 90's.. Oh yey!!!.. These recordings are dated.. Thanks again and keep well..

Hi there. Happy that you like my review. You have a great voice, and I am looking for a collaborator to re-record a few of our songs. I wold be greatly pleased if you were interested. Three songs in particular are "The Essence of Now", "Pull Me" and "Small Town Affair" I can also pay if our collaboration turns out lop sided.

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